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Let the Blooms be the Romantic Symbols to Emblem of love on the wedding. Recreate the epic love story with choicest of flowers and have a wedding which would be the talk of the town.

Flowers have their own secret language. It is a centuries old, way of expressing emotions in an artful and charming way. Victorian Society was very traditional and hence floral arrangements were sent to convey heartfelt messages which had an aura of mystery and whimsical impatience of longing. This now could be the modern day emojis of 18th and 19th century. Flowers plays a star studded role in every wedding. From the flowery invites to Wedding car, flowers can be incorporated to create a wedding so ethereal and opulent.

Flower Themed Invitation 

Paper invite that has a beautiful bloom is a simple way to bring the flower theme, else, a pressed flower or a 3D floral invite will look absolutely stunning when the guest opens the invitation. A Zinnia which signifies Lasting Affection or a Myrtle which is an Emblem of Marriage and Love can be used for Invitation.

A Romantic Floral Ceremony 

Flowers are the showstoppers which enhance the ambience. Fresh and vibrant hues of flowers and their Heady Fragrance gives romantic and whimsical lushness to the wedding. Today's many romantics follow and create bouquets, centerpieces, lovely flowery arcs with flowers which depicts their love story of romance and courtship. The fresh flowers tied to the church pews, the dramatic floral arc, the wedding canopy or gazebo, church alter brings out a grandeur so great that will be etched in the memory for eternity as the bride and groom take their wedding vows. Venues are arranged with luxurious roses which stands for love and passion, hydrangeas and leaf foliage background for perseverance and heartfelt emotions, Babies breath which signifies festivities, carnations for gratitude and chrysanthemums for joy. Ambience of the reception tables are enhanced by vintage glasses vases filled with Anthurium which symbolize hospitality, Floral Assortments of astromerias which donates prosperity Daffodils for New beginnings, Iris for Faith are arranged all over the venue. While most of the flowers have good vibes and positive aura, colour of the flowers also matters. For Example, white rose stands for purity, red rose for passion and love, pink for joy and admiration, a yellow for friendship.

Wedding Cake of Blooms 

The Wedding Cake is the Ultimate floral Inspired theme. Flower pattern of sunflowers which means dedicated to Love are made to look beautiful and themed. Live flower toppings of carnation flower. edible roses and foliage which signifies eternal love. gratitude is added to style the cakes and the dessert table.

Bridal Wreath 

Bridal floral crown or Tiara of flowers can make the bride alluring. Real flowers like baby's breath flower will be an ideal choice as it represents the purity of emotion for each other. Various hairstyles or hairdos like free hairstyles or updo's can be incorporated to suit the bride.

Bridal Dress

 Glamorous floral Wedding dress fit for the princess oozes feminity and floral elegance. The dress can have a bold floral print or an embroidered lace, satin and organza flower pattern with rhinestones, crystal beadings and sparky sequence create a timeless classic look with a modern tinge. Soft delicate floral detailed twines of pointed high heels are the apt choice for bridal shoes.

Bridal Accessories 

A floral chandelier of unique floral design will simply look elegant and gorgeous on a bride. White floral jewelry to accessorize with necklace, bracelet and a pair of earrings is the most beautiful ensemble for the bride sure to wow everybody on the Special Day.

The Ceremonial Bouquets are made of Lilies which donates Modesty and Virginity. Orchids which donates women of Refinement and Charm, Zinnias for lasting affection, Dahlias and Azaleas for Purity. Happiness and Fidelity

Grooms Boutonnier which has a sprig of Lavender and a Pink Rose which depicts his feeling towards his bride.

Flower Girls with a wicker basket of flowers to shower the bride and groom with heavy scented Rose Petals.Flower girls are dressed with flower detailed patterns with Rose crowns.

Every flower arranged has a story and emotions which echoes the love story of the bride and the groom. Lilacs stands for their first emotion of love, Pansies which means you are in my thoughts, Rosemary for Remembrance, Forget me not for true and undying love.

Hence the Language of flowers so loved by Shakespeare during his days and now favored more by the romantics of this era, it has now become popular for the bride and groom to recreate their romance and courtship with the floral grandiose.

As a personal point of view, the feeling or the thoughtfulness that the giver is expressing matters more than the actual beauty of Flowers. Flowers are the most beautiful thing in the world, but more beautiful is the emotion and the sentiments they carry. Hence the language of flowers ie Floriography is well and alive even today. It is considered as a great wedding theme.