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Be Wedding day ready

 You must be getting all geared up to put your best foot forward, as you step into this new phase of your life. How about putting your best face out there for the event? Here are some great ways as to how you could do that

Prepare well ahead

 The best time to start would be a good 6 to 8 months ahead, if you have skin issues. If you are looking to simply enhance your appearance, 3 months is ade quate

Follow the instructions 

not just the ones related to the skin and the hair, but also the dietary suggestions. A diet low in sodium, and in carbs, will help control the puffiness of the eyes and of the face - all of which is great for that perfect shot. So skip the pickles and the fries. The same holds good for colas, chocolates and pastries - a small sacrifice to look great on the big day!

Have a very clear idea of your look for the day

 if you are choosing to go low on the make up, or if you have many events, for which you cannot always take the help of heavy make up - opt for glow enhancing peels, and antioxidant drips. These can help you move effortlessly, from one event to another, without needing much make up boosting. This can be especially helpful for the guys, when natural is the only look available for you.

Completely avoid facials and hair spas 

from the moment you know the date of your event(s). You can have one right on the day before the big event, but otherwise skip the facials completely. The biggest problem I face, is a facial gone wrong just before the event, with hardly any time to correct it.

Cut out the drama. 

Have the goals clearly in your mind your look, your target your goals - but be very realistic about what can be achieved in the time frame. Anxiety and unrealistic expectations, can actually stress you out. And stress can cause or worsen hairfall and cause break outs.

Late nights contribute 

to sallow skin and hairfall. Hit the sack early to get the melatonin going. This is a great hormone to not miss - not just for the skin and the hair, but also for a relaxed and refreshed you. And God knows you need all the relaxation you can get, before the event hits you.

Drink up

 A minimum of 3 to 4 litres per day, especially if you are working out. Your lips are the best indicator here. If your lips are dry, reach out for that bottle of water.

If you are working out 

or are following a diet regimen - watch out for whey protein. Dairy as such, is not great for the skin and that includes whey protein as well. Replace whey with other protein supplements like pea protein or brown rice protein. They work just the same, without causing breakouts or hair fall.

Spot fat treatments 

are great to enhance your silhouette, and have no downtime, nor do they leave any marks on the skin. So you can tame the love handles, and the saddle bags - to fit into that ODLR gown, much better. Fix the double chin and you don't have to worry about unflattering angles on the finale.


 a hormonal imbalance may need fixing. This is important, not just for clearing up the skin, reducing hairfall but may also help you with timing your baby making plans. In any case, it is good to have a health check before the event, including for vitamin deficiencies.