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Bridal Ensembles

 Bridal ensembles to outshine, when it matters the most. Oh that fairy-tale wedding! As soon as I enter the mandap, I should grab all eyeballs. Ask any girl about their dream wedding, you will get this as their first answer. The Facebook-obsessed, selfie or for that matter groupie-obsessed generation wants as many likes as they can (competition is always on who has just crossed 370 likes on the profile pic or their wedding album). Keeping that in mind, every bride wants to adorn a Sabyasachi lehenga or to do any of the famous looks of any Bollywood actresses.


The better half for your bridal wear When it comes to choosing the best designer blouse, there are many things to keep in mind like the right colour, right design and pattern and the perfect fabric. You can pair the choli with lehenga or sari, depending on how you would like to be on your Day. If you are opting for sari, go for a shorter corset and narrow pallu pleats.

When getting your choli stitched, remember, it should fit your body like a second skin, showing off your figure to its best. Here are some tips for different body types:

* A deep V-neck choli will give you a good elongated look, and also it will make your face look narrow.

* A longer corset is better to be paired with a lehenga. If the corset is heavy with works, skip the dupatta and go for some good neck or arm accessories.

* Sweetheart necklines are sure to enhance your curves. * A square-necked choli adds an angle to your face, and is good if your face is round.

* If you have a heavy chest, a halter neck blouse is good for you, as it gives support and draws attention away from your chest, to your shoulders and arms.

* If you think you have many problem areas in your upper part, pair light choli with a darker sari. This shifts focus from your problem areas.


Mostly, sarees come with matching blouse pieces. But the new trend is that the blouse and saree should be contrast in both colour and fabric. If one is wearing a georgette or chiffon plain saree, then a three/fourth velvet blouse or embroidered blouse looks fabulous.

Your Accessories Shopping Guide: 

It is imperative to accessorize your outfit intelligently.

Go Simple and Classy: 

Simple accessories enhance your look in multi fold. With a plain gown, you can wear a statement diamond necklace and statement bangle. A big cocktail ring with strappy shoes would just complete the perfect stately look!

Royal Ensembles: 

Go royal with a gorgeous lehenga, big earrings and choker. These make you a quintessentially royal Indian bride. If the outfit is embellished and have detailed works, over accessorizing will be a fashion blooper.

The Western Bride: The lace and net outfit of a Western bride look dazzling with big regal precious gem stones ear rings alone or with minimal pearl jewelry. Diamond head pieces or toned-down fashion jewelry. Bridal accessories may in fact be minimal yet stylish so that it doesn't overpower you and your attires. If you want to go cheap, you can check any neighborhood store for all the jewelry. But if you can splurge a bit, then you should go and check out in major jewelry brands

For fashionistas, sky is the limit. Apart from trendy jewelry, you can accessorize yourself with a trendy Swarovski clutch, perfect stilettos, a trendy belt and many more, which are perfect partners of brides.