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Crystal based wedding theme


There is something enchanting about crystals and colored stones irrespective of culture and geographical boundaries.

Apart from adding a dash of glitz and sparkle, crystals have always been synonymous with fairies, angels, heaven and everything blissful, pure and beautiful. Having a crystal based wedding theme undoubtedly ensures that the most beautiful moment in your life remains inked in the sand of time not just for the couple but for each and every guest.

Crystal based wedding theme which was once popular in the west is now increasingly becoming a part of exotic Indian weddings.

Elegant and bright just as the intrinsic nature of crystals, a crystal based wedding theme adds a magical touch and a unique exotic flavor to the wedding party. If it is a western wedding, crystal theme could take you back to the vintage days or to the Victorian glory and splendor. Crystal theme in an Indian context exemplifies the opulence of our rich royal tradition.

Crystallized Venue:

From the entrance to the stage or mandap and the wedding hall, everything can be customized offering a perfect crystal wedding theme. Use floral vase as centerpieces on each table along with some LED based lights in the bottom of the vase.

The pillars can be decorated as crystallized trees with various colored crystals hanging as ripe fruit ready to be plucked. There are several handcrafted crystal décor items available which will not burn your pockets.

Exotic Chandeliers for the Wedding Hall: Exotic chandeliers may appear to be a thing of the past but they offer the best décor option for wedding halls in case of a crystal based wedding theme. Each table can have a different colored crystal chandelier depending on the LED vase center piece located on the table. Let the guests be a witness to the romance and magic spell being cast in the exotic themed crystal wedding that can stay with them for a long time.

Bubble Blowing Guests: There is nothing better than guests blowing bubbles on the couples instead of the normally used gold and silver confetti. Bubbles have a more of a communion with the crystals theme than metallic confetti that is usually showered on the couple. The guests can be given a bottle of bubble liquid and a blower and make them part of this exotic love affair full of light, sound, crystals, love, magic and pure bliss.

Crystallex Cherry Cake Topper: And the next is to add a crystal themed cake topper instead of the regular plastic cake toppers. There is a lot of curiosity around the wedding cake, so make sure each onlooker can applaud the exotic cake topper. Cake topper for a crystal based wedding can range from having crystallized cutouts of the couple to illuminated Crystallex balls. There are a host of wedding cake decorators out there specializing in crystal themed wedding cake. Since cutting of the wedding cake represents the beginning of a whole new life of togetherness, there is no better way to ink the memoir forever by opting for an exotic crystal cake topper.

Flaunt That Wedding Outfit: If you have it, flaunt it goes the famous cliché. What better occasion to flaunt your crystallized wedding dress than your marriage ceremony. Just like a crystal, the dress can make you stand out from amid the crowd offsetting the appearance of an angel rising up. Wedding dress designers have a host of options for both bridal dresses as well as dresses for the groom that would go in sync with the crystal based wedding theme.

The bride can opt for an exotic wedding gown pinned with the rare and elegant colored Swarovski crystals. It can be a traditional white gown for more elegance, or a black, red, blue gown or even lehenga, as crystals would sparkle against dark backdrops. The wedding dress straps can be made with crystallized fabric.

The groom can opt for a crystal based necktie, cufflinks and some exotic ones around the neck if going for a traditional.

Indian dress. The unique aspect of having a crystal based wedding theme is that due to the universal acknowledgement of crystals as part of beauty, love and peace they can be used in all kinds of dresses. From modern to traditional, crystal based wedding outfits are available as per everyone's taste.

Don't Forget the Crystal Hair Band: This one goes out especially for the bride although the groom can join in as well depending on his personal fashion quotient. What better than a crystal wedding theme to flaunt your very own crystal based hair necklace band. Use exotic pearls or those shiny Swarovski crystals as you weave magic while walking around to the center stage.

Crystal Wedding Invites: A crystal wedding theme is not limited to extravagance in décor or trousseau, but goes much deeper into every aspect of the function. The best way is to start off by offering a crystal based wedding invite that would brace the guests for the themed wedding party in advance. Crystal wedding invites can be planned depending on the overall wedding card budget. From the exotic Swarovski crystal based invites to artificial crystal pinned on exotic satin nets surrounding an invite basket, the options are endless for getting the perfect crystal themed invite.