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Experience the serenity during the run upto your wedding

Amidst the cacophony of restless activities associated with life in the city, one rarely finds the time to relax, what with the constant onslaught of our bb messages, tweets and endless notifications even when we have that break it doesn't really seem like one. More so a bride and groom to be, both of who require some magical relaxation therapy especially as the Special day arrives closer amidst all the hectic preparations. Day Spas seem to be the answer to our quest, and the latest and the swankiest day spa destination we found nestled in one of the quieter lanes in the heart of the cities posh streets. Tucked away in an unassuming lane, the new  spa and salon at KNK road seemed to be like the ultimate getaway amidst pressure. After a tiring day, pack away your shopping bags and enter the quaint corridor that leads to what seemed to me like a parallel world it felt like entering the very peaceful Bali. 

The interiors of the Day spa and salon have been carefully selected to give you a sense of tranquility and calm just as you enter.

The spacious spa, houses special areas for different therapies including hair and skin care, facials, foot spa and massage therapy. Offering a wide range of services, including salon services like the exclusive Kerastase Rituals, Keraskin facials and Nail spas.

 We decided to go for the massage therapy of which the Balinese LULUR seemed most exciting and which, would be my recommendation for the bride and Groom to be The Balinese Head masseuse lead me to the calm interiors of the VIP room, for an extensive body cooling massage with jasmine oil, moisturizing and making the skin supple. This was followed by a body scrub with a paste of turmeric and Balinese rice with essential oils which detoxifies and removes the dead skin invigorating and rejuvenating it. This was followed by a warm soak in the bath of rose petals and milk, making you feel like royalty. Time seemed to stop for a few hours while experiencing this amazing treatment which I think would be the appropriate relaxation remedy for the young couple, during the anxious run up to the wedding.

The key to being, that glowing bride would be to get the best possible therapy to keep you looking fresh and calm. There is also a wide array of facials and massages offered, including, Spa facials, Keraskin, Body beautifiers and massage therapies , including Hot stone therapy, Thai massage and Aroma therapy. 

The review would not be complete if I did not mention the excellent staff that spared no efforts to make you feel extra special. The pleasant and polite staffs, which are specially trained, make sure that your time there is well worth as they suggest to you the treatments based on your specific requirements. The new Oryza spa not just lives up to the expectations of the name but has indeed notched up the scales as one of the city's best spas. So if you have marriage on the cards in the near future, plan up your activities, and do not forget to scribble down an appointment at the Spa in your Planner ....happy Living!!