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Fabulous Bridal Shower ideas

 Bridal showers are now getting popular in Indian wedding scenarios along with the modern additions to the age-old ceremonies. So here are some bits in an Indian bridal shower, you might have to make do with some tiresome cousins, nagging motherin-laws and insipid great aunts of all shapes and sizes attending the shower, and that's a dangerous combination.

 There's nothing to say they won't burst into flames when chanced upon an innocent gift of risqué nature (a sey lingerie perhaps) presented to the bride. 

So what is a best friend supposed to do for a bridal shower? 

Shine the spotlight on the bride! This is a chance to have her enjoy herself; so allow the bride to have fun while you pull the strings. If you are short on inspiration, read on for some tasteful ideas that you can use to keep your aunts from sleeping and the mundane out of the door.

How to make it? 

You can get together with a couple of close friends and decide on the theme of the shower, the menu to go with it, the decorations, the gifts and the guest list. A cohesive shower theme and thoughtful friends behind can present the bride with a memorable day. Think out of the box instead of sticking with the traditions and you can come up with wonderful ideas to carve.

Invite-the-Groom Shower 

Bridal showers are traditionally meant as a females-only affair, but you can break the rule; it's not like you are hosting a party in the 1890s. Invite the groom and a few well-behaved friends of his. The mixing of guests will also ensure that it won't turn out into a snooze fest. Make it fun by interviewing the groom and asking him about the bride and their relationship. The occasion would also present the opportunity to gift the couple with things that would benefit them individually.

DIY Shower 

This is an ideal setting if the bride is an avid fan of do-it-yourself handworks. Besides being an occasion for bonding between guests, it will be an interesting and educational day, not to mention the fun you can have making cool stuff for the wedding. Keep the crafts interesting. Let it be a time DIY decor, gifts, accessories and more.

Bollywood Bridal Shower 

This one is a popular and glamorous theme that's also easy to do. Roll out the red carpet for the guest of honour, and tape gold stars on the floor, starting from the entrance to the party room. Celebrity posters, movie posters, popular movie scenes etc. can be used for decorating the wall. A big disco ball and hit Bollywood songs in the background is guaranteed to light up the night.

Water / Garden Shower

 Do the unorthodox and change the location of the shower from the usual indoors to the captivating outdoors. Let it be on a beachside resort or on poolside where you can enjoy something different and have varieties of fun. Quaint tables and chairs organized in a lovely garden would make a wonderful location for a bridal shower, as well as make your green-fingered bride happy. This doesn't mean just sitting around in your fancy dress, drinking tea amidst the flowers. Make it fun with variety games and entertainments.

Foodie Shower 

Everyone likes to indulge at a party. If your friend is an avid foodie, then host one to satisfy her appetite with her favourite foods or a pan Indian food. Getting her into the backstage of her favourite restaurant for a kitchen lesson from the chef is also a perfect idea. The gifts can include some gourmet-worthy implements that would make her eyes light up like a mad scientist.

Tasting Shower 

This is a bit French, and especially delightful for the bride provided she has good taste. The themes can include wines, chocolateor cheese, if you will. Pick out gifts like glassware or bakeware, and ask the guests to come with nibbles that can later be used to hold a tasting. Include regional palate as well as rich delicacies like chocolate truffles or mousses that the bride would love sampling.

Spa and Beauty Shower

 Wedding planning can be quite a strenuous affair, so arrange a shower at a popular spa to alleviate some of that tension. Besides, it would be nice to get a beauty makeover before the D-Day. It is not imperative that you have to book a day at the spa. Gather some facial recipes and aromatherapy elixirs, hire a masseuse or a manicurist and check out the latest hairstyles and dress trends sitting in your home.

Retro Tea Party 

If the bride doesn't want too much adventure, go the traditional way, dress up appropriately and mind your Ps and Qs as if you are talking to the queen. When going the cultured way, you have to serve the appropriate food too, like tea (of course!), finger sandwiches, cookies and cakes, jam on a toast etc. The refined atmosphere would agree with the visiting aunts and family members. These out-of-the-ordinary ideas should let you canter towards an exciting pre-wedding euphoria. After all, you don't get to organize a bridal shower every day, so why not add some magic to it?