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Fairy Wedding

 Take inspiration from our fairy tale theme and let the angels cast their love spell on you both for a happily ever after...

Have you ever dreamt of living a life, similar to the characters of a fairy tale? Most of the people would say YES. Fairy tale wedding is for such people who want to tie the knot in a magical land. It is like visualizing the world of magic. Relate everything that you do at the day of wedding with the fairy tale. Peep into fairy tale books and choose a setting that suits you.


The fairy tale stories will be commonly placed in a forest, a mysterious castle, an admirable town or a magical land. Among these, you can choose one which will be the setting of the wedding stage. This can be achieved with the help of trained professional who set the stage for various plays. Fairy tale books for children will always have pictures that will assist in stage setting.


You should concentrate on your costumes more to give a meaning to the setting. The bride and the groom have to wear beautiful dresses such that it is explained in the tale. The bridegroom made of glass, the couple will surely can be dressed with a puffed full sleeve shirt and a fitted over coat which were commonly worn by fairy tale heroes. There are lots of options for the bride as dresses are concerned. Long frilled frocks are the most popular fairy tale dress. The art work with ribbons and laces will highlight the beauty of the dress worn. Hand gloves will make the bride look more gorgeous.

Special care has to be taken while choosing accessories also. Both for the bride and the groom, platinum or silver jewels can be worn instead of gold.As we know gold is a very traditional metal and it cannot match your magical world. Bride's hair also should be tied up similar to the beauties in fairy tale with detailing using glitters and stones. A crown can give her the real look of princess. The princess Barbie doll that is available in markets can be kept as an example for the brides dressing. Use pastel shades for make-up so as to give a rich look. With the exact boots of the fairy tale prince and with the slippers resemble the one in fairy tales.

Props and décor Properties are also important to add realism to the setting. Wand and sword are very common in fairy tales. Bride with a wand will look like an angel and bridegroom with the sword will feel like a real prince. The sword can be used to cut the wedding cake too. The cake can also be made with the concept in mind. Castle like cakes or the cake with designs and colourful laces will suit the theme well. Not only the cake but also the cake toppers matters a lot. There are numerous varieties of cake toppers available in shops from which you can choose something related to your wedding.

To make it more dramatic 

Entertainment must be there for the guests at every wedding. Arrangements can be made to make the performers to perform fairy tale characters and entertain. They can also welcome the guests. The fairy tale characters, welcoming will definitely delight everyone. Arranging magic shows will also workout very well as it is fun and also it is an important element as far as fairy tale is concerned. Though all these main elements are done, from the start till the end you should give the guests the feel of being in a wonderful land.

The choice of colours plays a big role in maintaining this feel Pink, purple and light blue are the colours you can find in fairy tale books so use those to maintain the trend of the tale. White is a colour that cannot be avoided when fairy tale becomes the theme. Light arrangements should be made whether it is indoor or outdoor wedding. The colourful lights will make you realise you are in a beautiful place that seems like somewhere outside the world. Chariots can replace the car for travelling rituals that happen before the day of marriage in many marriages. A beautifully decorated chariot should be used. Decorations should be colourful or just stick to silvery colour for a rich look. You can also innovatively design the chariot like a pumpkin which is a part of well-known fairy tale.

Select a gift for the guests keeping your theme in mind and don't forget to wrap the gifts with colourful wrappers and bows that will extend your wedding theme till their home. All these will make your wedding a memorable one in everyone's life. It is not very easy to create memories but creating expectation is even more difficult. If you are ready to create a memory, it is definitely necessary to create an expectation. Design your invitation such that no guest you invite would miss your real life fairy tale

Colourful invitations with decorations and also add few words that kindle the mind of the guests about how your wedding is going to be. You can insert sentences like "we invite you to the Cinderella's world" which will create an expectation and when they visit, they will understand that it forms the theme for your wedding.

It is not necessary that you should stick toa single tale. You can mix up the tales and create your own imaginary world. But be sure that it is not completely out of the fairy tales as it would not delight the guests. To make the fantasy theme even more realistic, try hiring animals like rabbits, dogs and cats, dress it up and leave it in a fenced area at some corner of your wedding place. Andif you own pets, never fail to dress it up. If possible, parrots can be trained to thank the guests. No one will forget you if a parrot says thank you.

These will go in hand with your theme as dressed and talking animals are always a part of fairy tales. You can also dress the little ones in your family like angels and attach small wings to them. As they move around and play here and there, a perfect world of fairy tale is done with magic, beauty, angels, mystery and fantasy.