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Fashion tips trending now in weddings

Indian weddings are a big deal and there is just no escaping from the clutches of elaborate celebrations. Families get together to stir up one of the grandest events in their lives.

So, whether you like it or not, you are going to ride with the flow. And your concerns should be targeted towards your attires. When the D-Day hits, you have to be prim and proper in your fashionable wear. While you ogle over the vast and beautiful wedding collections, do take notes of what's going to trend at 2021 weddings.


 Stripes are in this year, so whatever you plan on wearing; get bold stripes with dabs of colour. Lehengas with big stripes in bold colours, colourful striped dupattas, and sarees are few of the options for women. The men, on the other hand, can style themselves in striped (leheriya) safas.


 Rather than mixing colours, go with a single colour and experiment with its tones. There are three ways you can go about this. One is to flaunt fluorescent monotones, especially with lehengas in bright colours. Second is to get a bit of graphic details on your dress, like embroidery or prints, to go with the monotone. Lastly, if you are the bride or groom, get matching colour tones for both of your attires.


It doesn't matter what dress you wear so long as you have it in white and pastel tones. Add elegant gold thread work, muted florals or attractive borders to create a fashion statement. Be it jackets, lahengas, sarees, or kurtas, if it's white, you can go no wrong.


For women, if your feet show then have an ensemble that would stand out. This tip is applicable for the men too, unless they plan on having a suit and black shoes. Select contrasting hues, like an interesting pair of jootis or detailed wedges that speaks out against the normal attire.


For women, wearing designer jewellery is the easiest way to stand out. Ditch the traditional styles and go the quirky way with long chandelier earrings, large cocktail ring, or a couple of fancy bracelets.


The guys can gain a touch of aristocracy with a well-tailored bandhgala. Couple it with a colourful pocket scarf and a minimal bracelet and you are ready to grab some eyeballs.


Combine the Indian sherwani or long kurta with well-fitted western formal pants. If you have a fear of overdressing, then don a smashing western suit on top of a white kurta and pants.

This list is to help you with making a fashion statement when you strut into the wedding hall.