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Flaunt in a Fluffy, Feathery Wedding

 When it comes to what you can do to achieve a breezy, dreamy wedding, there are a plethora of ideas to make use of. With a few creative tweaks and intelligent décor, you can have a magical day of your dreams. So let your imagination sets forth to the novelty of a feather themed wedding that will leave your day dreamy and beautiful. A popular theme from the western world can be incorporated into Indian weddings and reception parties to make them quite alluring. Whether it is an indoor party or an outdoor event, a trendy or a traditional one, the subtle touches of feathers can make your D-day unique and fanciful.

Feathery invitations 

Start off in style right from feathery invitation that can pique the imagination of your guests. This is one area that can spruce up a traditional Indian wedding, as the feathery outlook gives an elegant and relaxed appearance. Design the cards with printed or watermarked feathers. You can also spice it up with soft, colourful feathers and a wild flower or two. To add a bit of luxury, add some glitters or stones along with the pinned feathers and a feather pen to be read like a royal message. If you intend to go for a plain and an allwhite look; then simply add just one long, white feather along with the card.

Feathered décor

Wedding décor is the main area where you can integrate feathers artfully. You can have an aisle, where the bride and groom walk down to the stage, strewn with feathers. Strewing of feathers can be repeated at the time of vows, cake cutting and at intimate photo sessions. Arranging bride maids or cute children to strew colourful feathers as they walk by would add a royal touch. Innovative stage designs can be made with feathers of different colours and the names of the bride and the groom can be spelled out using coloured and fluffy feathers. If you are having a wedding cake, you can emboss a feathery shape onto the cream or have little feathery designs outlining the cake. If it is a white wedding adding white feathers alone will be a great idea. Or else, try incorporating different types of feathers instead of sticking to just one or two colours. Buying original feathers of different colours will be a costly affair. Dyed feathers in different hues is a great alternative. If you like to stamp in your own skill, create a bouquet of feathers bundled with a sprig of twigs and lovely, colourful wild flowers. These can be placed at strategic points in the wedding hall, either on long pedestals, vases or mounted on walls.

Place a small vase of white feathers with lovely red roses (white roses with violet plumage in between would also do the trick) on the dining tables to give the wedding feast a unique and charming aura.

Enjoy the authenticity 

Using natural feathers, though expensive, would give your wedding an authentic ambience and you would be more satisfied with the astute feel. Peacock feathers, for instance, can be used to create beautiful pieces of art, and they look elegant when kept in singles or bunched. They are apt for creating a soothing background and a kingly splendour on stage, and as peacocks are often associated with royalty.

Don't stop with just the plumage; instead have your feathered friends attend your wedding.There is nothing more stately than a pair of peacocks or doves strutting about, and if you can manage to have a couple at your wedding, then nothing could be better. Pigeons can also be used to adorn your venue as a symbol of purity and freedom in marriage. Parrots, parakeets and lovebirds would also look enchanting and would bewitch your guests. But while befriending birds for your wedding, take care not to aggravate animal rights activists too! 

Dress up to the theme

 While trying to complement the theme of your wedding with attire, try not to overdo it. Feather themes work great with western attires, especially gowns. But if you prefer essentially Indian dresses, so you can accentuate it by giving a light touch of the theme. For instance, the groom, if wearing a turban, can have a long, white feather pinned to the headgear with a jewel. If a suit is the attire of the day, pin an embellished feather on the left side of the chest. The bride can wear jewellery designed in shape of feathers, like bangles or a necklace and pendant.

Feathery favours

 Gift your guests a token of your appreciation which they won't ever forget. You can present them with feathered favours of your choice like feather key chains, personalised feathered book marks or a bouquet of authentic feathers tied together with a white ribbon and a box of chocolates to accompany.

One thing to keep in mind while planning a feather themed wedding is never to overdo, else it would kill the fun. Instead stick to the basic, light, subtle effects to project the style and theme. Feather themes are great to go with spring weddings, so if your D-Day is around the corner, then feathers are the way to go.