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For The Perfect Bridal Look

A perfect wedding is a dream come true for every bride celebrating the biggest day of her life.

The pictures on this day make for a lifetime of memories and the one thing that every bride wants, is to look picture perfect. So make up turns out to be a key deciding factor, hence Mehendi brings you some excellent bridal make up tips which can make your “D” day a little more special.

The aim of your wedding make up must be to highlight your best features and hide the flaws. Plus you also want your make up to last the whole day, even after all the hugging, crying and eating, you must look fresh and not caked up even at the end of the day.

Experts advise the would-be brides to go for a minimalist and subtle makeup- a guaranteed trendsetter this wedding season. Simple beauty tricks like using a gel foundation as base makeup, muted and lighter tones for a radiant look, a suitable hairdo, choosing the right lip brush or avoiding too many coats of mascara can assure an appearance worthy of many compliments.

Get your bridal makeup right by following these rules

For your face 

• Stick to a classic look. Avoid trends, as they will very soon look outdated in pictures.

• Use a bronzing powder to warm your skin tone.

• Use a natural bristle brush, lightly apply colour to the areas of the face where the sun would naturally hit: forehead, cheeks and the bridge of the nose. If needed, apply a light dusting on your neck and chest for even all-over colour.

. Give your foundation staying powder by using a gel foundation primer before you apply your makeup. Add a light dusting of loose powder to prevent any unwanted shine.

• Select more golden-toned bases and concealers - these translate better for photography whether on video or in pictures.

•Use more natural, lighter and "cleaner" colours. These flattering shades will not look washed out and the contrast will not be too great with your dress. Your natural radiance should be on display, not bright colours. These more muted tones work best, not only for you, but for the wedding party as well.

• Avoid any 'make-up surprises' on your special day. Schedule a make-up consultation for yourself at least four weeks before the wedding for a trial run.

• Don't get carried away with shimmer highlights or light-refractive makeup. In photos your shimmer can easily turn into an unflattering and highly reflective shine.

. Don't use a heavy pressed powder to set your foundation. Too much powder can leave your skin looking chalky and lifeless in your wedding photos.

For your eyes 

• Use a brow powder or gel in a colour that is one shade deeper than your natural hair colour to keep your brows looking their best. If your brows are scant, lightly fill them in with a brow pencil in a light neutral shade and then, using a brow powder and brush, go over this shape using a stippling technique to create a natural effect.

• Use neutrals to contour and highlight your eyes. For eyeliners, stick to the classics: black, navy or brown.

• Get lush lashes by first using an eyelash curler and then applying two coats of lengthening mascara. Waterproof is always a good choice; it's longer lasting and won't run even if you shed a few tears of joy.

• Using an eye shadow primer ensures smudge-free makeup, a must when you're wearing expensive bridal couture.

• To lift your eyes a bit, apply a highlighter just below your brow bone.

For your lips and cheeks 

• Become a blushing bride by choosing a warm flattering cheek colour in a pink peach or rose tone. When applying the colour, focus the blush on the apples of the cheek and blend the excess back and up toward the hairline. For oily skin, powder blushes is the perfect choice, but if your skin tends to be a bit dry, try a cream blush to achieve a dewy natural glow.

. Choose a lip colour in a warm, fairly bright shade. Roses, pinks and reds look great in phot• Apply lip-liner evenly all over the lips, under the lipstick to make it last longer. When lipstick fades, it will fade evenly without leaving the outer lip liner only.

• Remember to wear a blush. Flash photography can leave you looking washed out.

Manicured nails Don't forget your nails - on your wedding day a lot of attention will be paid to the bride's new wedding ring and hands.

Other Important Tips

Blotting Paper

An often over looked but very important part of a kit, blotting papers are essential and very handy to keep you looking fresh faced. These small bits of paper absorb excess oil without compromising on all the blending that went into creating a perfect base on your face.

Foot cushions

Though not in your kit, foot cushions are essential so you stand tall and comfortable. Given that you will be on your feet the whole day, a little padding for your feet will take you a long way. If there is one thing we strongly advice you against, it is uncomfortable shoes.