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Go GREEN Garden Themed Wedding

 The winter has breezed over and before you know it summer will be on its way. And so does a lot of wedding receptions, and the search for novel theme ideas.

Spring and summer is all about the outdoors, so when you have a special day planned for the season, why not make use of the outdoor Or bring the outdoors indoors! "It would be a wonderful idea to have an indoor garden, with flowers blooming and the sweet aroma filled rooms giving a heady feel. You can have your own indoor garden all year around, else you can set one up at short notice for your wedding, regardless of the season or location.

An indoor garden theme wedding is a fantastic idea, especially for couples running on a budget. It will make your venue look beautiful, and you can find all the resources for decoration without much difficulty. Read on for a few tips on how an indoor garden wedding décor can be set up.

GO Green

When you consider budget-wise, snatches of greenery are far cheaper than flowers. Now greenery can come in all shapes and sizes; for example, you can take up ferns, ivy, palms, laurel leaves, etc.rather than going the roses, lilies and tulips way.

Moreover, lush greenery will give an authentic fresh spring-look, and the elegant green colour scheme can seem sophisticated, especially if the couple chooses to go with the complementing wedding attire. If you have the cash to spend, then add a splash of colours by investing in bright flowers or you could go with varieties like dahlias and hydrangeas in bulk, amongst the greenery, for a luxurious feel.

Additionally, you can also arrange a few potted trees that are smaller in size. Go for bonsai trees for a royal look, or short palms to line the path and create an air of drama.


Buying fresh cut flowers can empty your pockets faster than flowering potted plants. If you intend to decorate the indoor venue with floral arrangements, then the best bet would be to set up an attractive sequence of potted flowering plants.

This way they would look admirably natural, and you can even use the plants after the wedding. That would make a natural, beautiful testimony to your special day, don't you think.

You could even offer a small potted flower to your guests as a wedding favour. Another delightful way is to use them to display escort cards and as centerpieces on the dining tables.


It's not just the flowers and plants that make up your garden setting. Install outdoor fixtures like iron entry gates and arches to bring in a level of authenticity.

Small pillars or wrought iron gates that open up into the venue can be a stunning impression for your guests. Accentuate the fixtures with small creepers and climbing vines to give it an outdoor feel.


Most people have gardens, so if you do have a quaint little one, then bring in the garden chairs, tables, lanterns and other stuff inside. You could also forage around and borrow these from your friends and neighbors instead of spending money for new things.

Set up plant stands that can carry creepers and vines to give an outdoorsy feel. Floral arrangements of different heights should do the trick so lay out climbing vines or hanging amaranthus between other visual decorations.

The trick here is to set up varying heights, so that your décor won't seem flat, but would be in a gradual flow, much like how a garden would feel like. One way to uneven the lines are to set your dining tables with pastel flowers of varying heights.

You can be a bit extravagant and add lush greenery and micro bushes to table centerpieces. Couple them with adequate dim lights, and you have a romantic ambience born au natural.

If you are vying for one colour, then you could complement the greenery with flowers of one hue. Decorate the indoors with a modern style, by bringing in different flowers of the same hue, like cobalt blue delphinium and blue hydrangeas. Arrange them in different sizes vases and pots to create a flow.