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Purple Colour Wedding themes

Wedding themes are dime a dozen, and there is no dearth of ideas. One of the latest fads is a colour themed wedding, especially setting scenarios where the theme colour corresponds to a particular season.

Purple is an interesting colour, whose various shades are gaining popularity for wedding décor. There are no surprises, really, as purple is a gorgeous colour with a dark royal hue that can silently simmer down to enchanting lavender. When several shades of the colour come together, then the wedding palette can be deliciously inviting and luscious.

The Invitations

The very first hint of a wedding is the sign of a wedding invitation. And the very first clue to a wedding theme is hidden in the layout of an innovative wedding invitation.

Therefore, when dabbing with the colour purple, hint at the nature of the reception and wedding with subtle doses of purple tones. Whether you opt for a dark shade that can hint at a fabulous affair, or go for a dimmed and elegant letterpress, the manner in which you design the invitation. 

Floral Arrangement

Of course, no wedding is complete without an elaborate floral arrangement. But purple weddings rely on shining through intricate floral arrangements that can highlight the entire wedding décor.

If you are leaning towards a summer wedding, then threading wildflowers of deep, purple hue can offer a stunning effect. These flowers can also be used to create a natural bouquet as well, and they will stand out in elegance due to their voluminous nature.

Include intervals of lavender within the flower arrangements. This will give a nice break to the deep tones and deliver a pleasant, heavenly scent that would calm your guests. Traditional weddings are likely to have bountiful arrangements of roses and hydrangeas.

Both these are perfectly capable of pairing well with a purple theme. And they will serve well to break the monopoly of one colour, and can be doubled to fill out some space on stage.

Purple Tablescape

A purple tablescape can seem magical in the right shades. Decide how you are going to place yourould give your guests a clue on what to expect table in the hall before deciding on the type of tablescape.

If it's a large hall, you can line the walls with a design of a darker shade of the colour. This will give a border-like feel when you set a lighter tone for the dining tables.

Smoky lavender would seem to be an ideal colour for the linens as they don't seem to be too imposing and would sit light amidst the food. Accompany the lighter tone of the linens with peppier centrepieces that hold lilacs and orchids. You can get gorgeous orchids of purple shades that when combined with roses of different shades will look exceptional. While the whole arrangement is simple, it exudes beauty and a romantic ambience.For a bit more contemporary effect, you can brighten up the whole area with vibrant hues of purple. Proceed to intersperse it with a textured tone, preferably in linens. When coupled with string lights and an orange hue furniture setting, the decoration will really brighten up.

Wedding Dresses

When it comes to wedding apparel the bridal get up, can do no wrong with a lavender tone. Finding the right shade is the trick, but once that clicks, you will be good to go. Ladies can choose from a wide range of pale lavender to crisp violet hues, while the gents can stick to a plucky purple suit or matching shirt.

The groom can pair the purple colour with navy, black or grey. Be sure to get the party in several different shades or you might end up with a washed out look.

Purple is a great choice when you want something a little different and not as bold as the primary colours. It is a relaxed colour that has a very romantic feel and thereby adds a fairytale element to the wedding.