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Bridal Trends 2022

he contemporary bride knows her mind well. She doesn't mind experimenting with new styles and playing around with unconventional colours, embroideries, styling and accessories. She doesn't want to be a typical stereotyped bride with head bowed in shyness. But she wants to show her personality by the way she presents herself on her D-day. She wants to look natural and her garments to be light and comfortable to enjoy her own wedding celebrations. She thinks of feasibility and reusability of her wedding outfit in innovative ways later.

Yes, these are the outlook of today's brides. The year 2021 sees versatility in terms of bridal trends. Unlike previous years, it's not just sticking to one or two styles or patterns, but a good mix of everything. Let's have a sneak-peak to the bridal trends in 2014.

Make Up:

Go Minimal: Light and sheer make up and natural or close to skin tones are the new mantra of brides.  lipsticks and minimal makeup is likely to stay here throughout the year. Stay away from shimmer and creamy blushers, but subtle so that it does not stand out. The sheer colours can be light brown, pastel, beige or pink shades with sheer gloss.

Fuller and dark eyebrows: The fuller, unplucked or dark eyebrows are back now symbolizing a modern bold bride who dares to do things the way she likes.

Cat's Eyes:  Cat eyes or the wing eyeliner which was the beauty staple for decades have now rekindled an interest in celebrities. Winged eyeliner gives a graceful yet dramatic flick to the eye line and flatters not just the eyes but also the cheekbones.

Eyes or the Lips-Not Both: Emphasizing both eyes and lips are out now. Make up trends of 2014 see highlighting of either the eyes with a smoky eye makeup or cat eye, or going in for hot lipstick shades. If you focus on eyes, go for muted tones in lipsticks. Likewise, if you can't resist red lipstick, then opt for neutral eye shadows.

Braided hair:  Braids are now not just for the South Indian brides. Braids are catching up in many top bridal fashion shows and are sure to continue for 2014.


Diamonds and Platinum: The irresistible sparkle of diamonds and the classiness of platinum continue to remain as favourites this year too. But along with this, stones like rubies and emeralds make their way into bridal jewellery

Timeless Jewellery:  Women started appreciating designs that are timeless as the reusability matters her more now. She wants to wear her bridal jewellery even after a couple of years without it losing its charm.

Comfortable Jewellery: Just like she prefers timeless, she also wants to be comfortable in her jewellery. So the heavy bridal jewellery is completely out, and light weight and easily manageable jewellery are coming in with more and more varieties.

Innovative Designs: This year witnesses the coming of many innovative designs including fusion designs, geometrical shapes, art inspired jewellery and even twisted traditional jewellery, all showing the taste of today's brides to stand out.


Colors: Bridal Fashion Week held during the end of 2013 showcased a distinctive contrast between warm and cool shades. The warm shades include deep and dark tones of vintage colors like bronze, crimson, rust mahogany and ash brown. Variants of blues were also up.

Fabrics: There are no taboos for textures in the year 2014. Rich velvets, textured brocades, chanderis, silks and georgettes with delicate embroideries all continue to dominate 2014 with mix n match b style.

Style: Fusion sarees, innovative draping, Chantilly gowns, ply of jackets and waistcoats teamed with voluminous ghagras, dhoti pants and even sarees are the talk of the season. The traditional Indian crafts are lavishly incorporated to any attire this year. The cuts and sewing techniques from the West are also gaining more popularity among Indian brides making her a global bride.

So, brides of 2021, our advice is that if you have the courage it's all about clashing combinations.